10/28/2018 ♡Pumpkin Carving♡

Hi blogging friends. Tonight was a night for pumpkin carving. I’m 21, but I feel that traditions shouldn’t be lost as you age. So, last week I picked up two pumpkins from Walmart, and tonight I carved them with my boyfriend and let my childhood brain run free. I will be sharing the set up, […]

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A 5 letter word.

Sadie. Hi guys! It’s me. I’m actually not dead guys. How are you? I would love to come on here and say that so much has happened but the truth is I’ve done what anyone would do these past few months. Sleep Consume my time in YouTube Buy coffee from various cafes And take.. alot […]

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8/14/18 (Journal Entry 2) 

Hi friends. It is currently 10:35 PM and I just feel like so much has happened these past two days. This post was originally supposed to be my unpacking blog post with pictures of how our apartment looked when we were finished.  Now I know you’re waiting for the disappointment I’ll bring when I say […]

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Moving Out

Childhood home I love One I am so proud of Is no longer mine I’ve moved on and I know it’s time But do I really have to go? >>> Hi blogging friends. Tomorrow I go back to college and start a new journey in a new apartment. I’m super anxious and excited. I plan […]

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Summer 2018 Phone Photography

Hi friends. *Soon I’ll come up with a better name for my blogging friends but for now I got nothing.**  Welcome back to my blog. Today since Summer is coming to an end, I felt it was only fair to show you some of the photography I’ve managed to take on my cell-phone over the last […]

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